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Uranus and Puck; gas giant; planetary rings; ring system - Space Art Illustration

Uranus and Puck

This is how Uranus and its tiny satellite Puck might look from a position in space about a thousand miles above and beyond Puck itself. With a diameter of about 100 miles, Puck is the largest and outermost of the ten known "inner" satellites that orbit Uranus within a radius of 51 thousand miles.

Further in toward Uranus on the right is Belinda, a satellite that is about 40 miles in diameter. Even closer to Uranus on the far left is the 60-mile-diameter satellite Portia. On Uranus itself can be seen a giant, cyclonic storm that's nearly as big as the Earth. During the past few years the Hubble Space Telescope has observed storms in Uranus' southern hemisphere, but the structure and an nature of these storms is unknown.

The braided appearance of parts of the rings is an antialias artifact due to the relatively low resolution of this web graphic.


Rings and satellites data from National Space Science Data Center.

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