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Space exploration - Two astronauts release a weather balloon on Titan; future space exploration; sounding balloon; instrument cart; Saturn VI;  Titannauts- Space Art Illustration

Releasing a weather balloon on Titan

A titanian explorer prepares to release a weather balloon while another directs a flood lamp to illuminate the activity. On the left is a supply cart with a portable weather station, featuring an interactive control panel designed to accommodate hands enclosed in thick gloves. All exposed hardware would have to function at temperatures of minus 300 F and below.

With an atmosphere 10 times denser than the Earth's, weather would be of keen interest to Titan's visitors. High in Titan's atmosphere wind velocities in excess of 400 mph have been detected. While not much is known about winds and weather at Triton's surface, terrain features resembling dune fields have been observed, suggesting surface winds have occurred at some locations. Fogs of methane gas would likely be present at the surface as well.


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