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Space exploration - Astronauts explore the rocky surface of Mars' moon Phobos; manned mission to Phobos; spacecraft; spaceship; deep space; interplanetary travel; interplanetary spaceflight - Space Art Illustration

Touching Phobos

An astrogeologist in a space suit and manned maneuvering unit (MMU) makes the first human contact with Mars' asteroid-like moon Phobos. On the upper right is another free-ranging astrogeologist descending toward the surface. On the left at a distance of several hundred yards is an Orion-class command module. The command module has ferried the astrogeologists to Phobos from their living accommodations in Mars orbit. At 5,800 miles away Mars itself looms large, nearly filling the entire sky. Phobos’ gravity is so low that its surface could be explored like scuba divers floating over the ocean’s bottom.


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