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Space exploration - An Orion class command module makes a close approach to Mars' largest moon Phobos; manned mission to Phobos; spacecraft; spaceship; deep space; interplanetary travel; interplanetary spaceflight - Space Art Illustration

Phobos mission approaching Phobos

The command module, now free of the larger Phobos mission rocket, begins a close approach to Phobos. With an average diameter of less than 12 miles, irregularly shaped Phobos has a very weak gravitational field making it relatively easy for the command module to come very close without being drawn all the way to its surface. The goal is to come close enough to permit space-suited astrogeologists equipped with personal manned maneuvering units (MMUs) to act as mini-spaceships themselves and descend to the surface. On the surface of Mars to the right can be seen Elysium Planitia and the volcano Albor Tholus.


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