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Space exploration - An astronaut steps out of the airlock of a pressurized martian rover to explore surface of Mars; manned Mars rover; manned Mars exploration rover; mission to Mars; martian surface; deep space; interplanetary travel; interplanetary spaceflight - Space Art Illustration

Dressed for the weather

An explorer steps out of the airlock and on to the porch of a martian motor home to begin several hours of extravehicular activity.

The explorer's specialized suit is revealing of the extreme inhospitably of the martian environment to human life. Without the suit, not only would a human immediately suffer from Mars' lack of breathable oxygen and extreme cold, but the very thin atmosphere would result in all the fluids in the explorer's body quickly coming to a boil--at room temperature. That alone would cause immediate and catastrophic organ failure, unconsciousness, and imminent death. Thereafter the flesh would quickly desiccate and any liquids that had not boiled away would solidify, leaving a freeze-dried corpse far more impervious to decay than any earthbound mummy.


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