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Space exploration - Lunar shuttle rendezvous with lunar cycler; space rendezvous; Earth-Moon cycler; docking maneuver; spacecraft; spaceship; space station - Space Art Illustration

Lunar shuttle rendezvous with lunar cycler

A reusable lunar shuttle, recently launched from the Moon, prepares to dock with a lunar cycler. The lunar shuttle has a capacity for six crew and passengers and can deliver travelers to a lunar base without them ever having to venture outside.

The shuttle docks near the "top" of the lunar cycler stack where multiple docking ports can accommodate a variety of spacecraft. Just below the topmost antenna of the cycler is an observation module with an array of windows for viewing and managing docking operations from within the cycler. At the bottom of the scene, docked left and right to the cycler, is a pair of "Orion" class spacecraft that serve as life boats for the cycler's inhabitants. Should the need ever arise, each lifeboat can ferry six inhabitants safely to Earth.

The design of this lunar shuttle and cycler is purely fanciful, based upon what astronautical engineering might accomplish within the next 75 years.


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