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Space exploration - Lunar exploration in the 21st century featuring two astronauts, a lunar lander, lunar habitat, and robotic explorer; regolith; rocket; spacecraft; spaceship - Space Art Illustration

Lunar exploration in the 21st century

In this speculative illustration lunar explorers prepare a remote-controlled rover for prospecting and drilling into the regolith in search of exploitable resources. Immediately behind is a self-contained habitat with enough room and supplies to sustain four explorers for several weeks. On the left and nearer to the horizon is the landing craft that delivered the explorers to the moon's surface, and will later return them to lunar orbit to meet with an orbiting command ship or tug. The habitat itself is also a lunar lander that set down autonomously prior to the arrival of the explorers.

This century will likely see our return to Earth's Moon. These future explorers will encounter the same harsh and exotic environment that greeted the Apollo astronauts over 30 years ago.


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