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Space exploration - A Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) paired with a Soyuz TMA-M spacecraft perform a joint rendezvous with an L2 Lagrangian point satellite; Command Module; Orion; Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle; future space exploration; rocket; spacecraft; spaceship; Сою́з; cosmonauts; docking adapter; Lagrange points; L-points; libration points; Lagrangian mechanics; Sun-Earth L2 - Space Art Illustration

CEV-Soyuz joint mission to L2 antisunward

An Orion class Crew Exploration Vehicle (AKA Deep Space Vehicle) is paired with a Soyuz TMA-M manned spacecraft for a joint deep space rendezvous with a satellite parked the gravitationally stable Lagrangian point 2 (L2) about 1 million miles beyond the orbit of the Earth's Moon. This image is drawn from the same scene as CEV-Soyuz joint mission to L2 except the perspective is with the Sun from behind the viewer, i.e., antisunward.

The manned spacecraft is rendezvousing with a hypothetical satellite protected from the Sun via an attached shade like its real-world L2 counterparts the Herschel and Planck Space Observatories, and the James Webb Space Telescope currently under construction.


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