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Space exploration - A next-generation Deep Space Vehicle with Manned Maneuvering Vehicles attached; Command Module; Orion; Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle; future space exploration; rocket; spacecraft; spaceship; MPCV; MMUs

Deep Space Vehicle with ESM and Manned Maneuvering Vehicles port bow

An additional option for the Deep Space Vehicle (DSV) could be a module that attaches to the bow of the Extended Stay Module (ESM) and supports one or more Manned Maneuvering Vehicles (MMVs).

An MMV would be a kind of hybrid between a space suit and small spacecraft permitting a single astronaut to maneuver independently of the DSV in the microgravity of orbit, deep space or near the surface of a small asteroid. The MMV would feature robotic arms controlled by the astronaut for collecting samples and deploying sensors. The MMV also offers the astronaut a panoramic view via a large spherical glass "helmet" (here covered to protect against micrometeorites during transit).


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