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Space exploration - Close-up of a next-generation Deep Space Vehicle docked to an Extended Stay Module featuring solar voltaic arrays; Command Module; Orion; Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle; future space exploration; rocket; spacecraft; spaceship; MPCV;

Deep Space Vehicle and Extended Stay Module starboard bow close-up

This image reveals more detail on the Deep Space Vehicle (DSV) and the Extended Stay Module (ESM). The interior of the DSV capsule can be accessed by the crew via the docking port (which is currently mated with the ESM) or the hatch on the side of the capsule (the door is highlighted by a checkerboard pattern).

The ESM is accessed by the crew via two docking ports, one of which is mated to the DSV and the other on the opposite end visible in the foreground (in this case the de facto bow of the combined craft). The ESM also contains its own array of reaction control thrusters to help the combined craft maneuver.


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