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Saturn as seen from the vicinity of Saturn's moons Dione and Tethys; gas giant; jovian planet; planetary rings; ring system; oblate spheroid - Space Art Illustration

Saturn from the vicinity of Dione

This is how Saturn might appear from near Dione, one of Saturn's inner icy satellites. Dione is about 700 miles in diameter and is believed to be composed primarily of water ice along with lesser amounts of silicate rocks. In this image, Dione is in the foreground orbiting about 197 thousand miles above Saturn's cloud tops. Further toward Saturn at a distance of 50 thousand miles from Dione is Tethys, another icy moon, slightly smaller than Dione. Tethys is silhouetted against the "ring shine" on Saturn's night side--reflected sunlight on the cloud tops from Saturn's rings.


Special thanks to Björn Jónsson for his Saturn clouds map and rings data.

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