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Snow settles from a water geyser on Saturn's moon Enceladus with Saturn as seen from the surface of Enceladus; Enceladus plume; cryovolcanism; cryovolcanic plumes; Cassini spacecraft; astrobiology; E Ring - Space Art Illustration

Enceladus geyser snow

Liquid water breaches the floor of a crevasse and is propelled into the frigid vacuum of space as a jet of ice crystals. Some of the crystals settle back to Enceladus' surface as snow. The perspective is from Enceladus' south pole. Saturn rests low on the horizon, its rings seen edge-on as a thin line. Saturn's largest satellite Titan appears as an orange dot on the right just above the horizon.


Special thanks to Björn Jónsson for his Saturn clouds map.

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