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Extrasolar Planets - Tau Bo÷tes b, AKA Tau Bo÷tis Ab, 4 Bo÷tis b, HD 120136 b, HR 5185 b, Millennium planet - Space Art Illustration

Tau Bo÷tes b

The extrasolar planet Tau Bo÷tes b reigns over the airless, baked and battered terrain of a hypothetical moon.

Tau Bo÷tes b orbits very close to Tau Bo÷tes, a type F7V star about 50 light years from the Earth. Tau Bo÷tes b is believed to have about four times the mass of the planet Jupiter and orbits around its sun at the astonishing pace of once every 3.3 days. Tau Bo÷tes b is so close to its host sun that the force of the solar wind may be enough to constantly blow off the planet's outer atmosphere.


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