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 110 million years ago

Mean atmospheric O2
 150% of modern level

Mean atmospheric CO2
 6x pre-industrial level

Mean temperature
 4C above modern level

Mesozoic Earth - A giant Sarcosuchus crocodyliform (crocodile) on a desert plain with Ornithopoda dinosaurs - Natural History Illustration Geologic Time Scale

 Era: Mesozoic
  Period: Cretaceous
   Epoch: Early
    Age: Albian


Sarcosuchus & Ornithopoda dinosaurs

A pair of four-foot-long ornithischian dinosaurs of the order Ornithopoda give wide berth to a 40-foot-long, 10-ton crocodyliform of the genus Sarcosuchus 110 million years ago in what is today Africa. A distant relative of the crocodile,  Sarcosuchus was one of the largest crocodile-like reptiles that ever lived, nearly twice as long as today's saltwater crocodile.



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