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 240 million years ago

Mean atmospheric O2
 80% of modern level

Mean atmospheric CO2
 6x pre-industrial level

Mean temperature
 3C above modern level


Mesozoic Earth - An Early Triassic scene featuring Kannemeyeria grazing on a plain of ferns with Glossopteridales and Ginkgos - Natural History Illustration Geologic Time Scale

 Era: Mesozoic
  Period: Triassic
   Epoch: Early
    Age: Anisian


Kannemeyeria grazing

Large dicynodonts of the genus Kannemeyeria graze on ferns 240 million years ago in what is today South Africa. The trees on the right are seed ferns from the genus Glossopteridales while those on the left are non-flowering plants of the genus Ginkgo. 

About the size of a modern ox with tusks and a beak for grazing on tough vegetation, Kannemeyeria was one of the first large herbivores of the Triassic era. They weren't dinosaurs, rather they are classified as mammal-like reptiles.



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