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 Paleo Tethys Sea
 390 million years ago

Mean atmospheric O2
 75% of modern level

Mean atmospheric CO2
 8x pre-industrial level

Mean temperature
 6C above modern level


Paleozoic Earth - A prehistoric Devonian Coelacanth admist jellyfish; Latimeria; Lazarus taxon; Panthalassa; Panthalassic Ocean; Paleo Tethys Sea - Natural History Illustration Geologic Time Scale

 Era: Paleozoic
  Period: Devonian
   Epoch: Middle
    Age: Givetian


Coelacanth portrait

A prehistoric, 130 pound lobe-finned fish from the order Coelacanth swims the Paleo Tethys Sea 390 million years ago during the Middle Devonian period. Related to lungfishes and tetrapods, Coelacanths were thought to have become extinct 65 million years ago, that is until a living specimen was found off the east coast of South Africa in 1938. Living Coelacanths have subsequently been found in the waters of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Comoros, and Indonesia. They are considered a poor choice for food as the flesh is largely undigestable by humans (and other animals).



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