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 Earth orbit
 3.92 billion years ago


Precambrian Earth - Young Earth & Moon as they may have appeared 3.92 billion years ago - Space Art/Natural History Illustration; Hadean eon; Pre-Archean; Pre-Cambrian, Precambrian Geologic Time Scale

Supereon: Precambrian
 Eon: Hadean
  Era: Nectarian


Young Earth & Moon

A young Earth 650 million years after its molten birth has cooled enough for a solid crust to form and for gases--delivered by comets and internal outgassing--to have formed a primitive atmosphere thick with turbulent, roiling clouds. Under the shadow of its night side flashes of lightning and the ruddy glow of volcanoes and lava fields illuminate the clouds from beneath.

The space around the Earth is highlighted by remnants of the nebula from which the Solar System was born. On the upper right is the Earth's young Moon with lava-filled scars still glowing hot from asteroid massive impacts.



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