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Beyond the Solar System - Interior of a nebula seen from the surface of a hypothetical extrasolar planet; alien world; extraterrestrial; science ficition; fantasy; scenery - Space Art Illustration

Interior of a nebula

This is a suggestion of how a star-forming nebula may appear from within the nebula itself. The perspective is from the surface of a planet, a member of a mature solar system that has drifted into an especially dense region of the nebula. The light from the other stars is obscured, while the solar wind of the planet's host sun has driven away much of the local nebular material, creating a "bubble" of relatively clear space. This bubble has a radius in excess of 100 million miles, and yet this is a relatively small volume in a nebula whose scale would be measured in light years.

The planet in this rendering was once a active world with a substantial atmosphere and geologically active surface--as evidenced by the lack of impact craters--however once it entered the depths of the nebula, the sunlight was attenuated enough to chill the planet to such an extreme that most of its atmosphere has frozen out as snow.  Any life that may have once thrived here is long gone.


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