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The Graphics
Mercury Gallery
Earth, Mercury, and Earth's Moon compared
Twilight on Mercury
Sunrise on Mercury
Hundred mile scarp on Mercury

Venus Gallery
Venus and Earth compared
Venus from 10,000 feet
Venus from ground level
Venus in twilight
Venusian lightning storm
A venusian volcanic valley
Venus from Earth

Earth Gallery
Earth is born
Meteorite strike on infant Earth
Young Earth & Moon
Ancient terrestrial landscape
Eoachean Earth
Archean stromatolites
Snowball Earth
Ediacaran Earth
Middle Cambrian Pirania
Middle Cambrian Dinomischus
Olenoides serratus (trilobite)
A smack of jellyfish
A smack of jellyfish No. 2
Swarm of Portuguese Man o' War
Orthoceratites & trilobites
First terrestrial arthropods
Paraceraurus trilobite
Silurian Earth
Phacops trilobites in a Silurian sea
Phacops face
First plants
Aglaophyton bay
Pteraspis contre-jour
Doryaspis & Actiniaria
Asteroxylon swamp
Calamites & Asteroxylon
Coelacanth portrait
Calamites & Drepanophycus
First trees
Archaeopteris contre-jour
Dipterus ashore
Devonian canopy
Drepanaspis portrait
Bothriolepis underwater
Bothriolepis ashore
Dunkleosteus & Cladoselache
Ichthyostega and Rhacophyton
Ichthyostega portrait
Ichthyostega underwater
Carboniferous forest
Carboniferous forest in afternoon light
Carboniferous forest canopy
Cordaites angulostriatus & Lepidodendron aculeatum
Arthropleura amidst Neuropteris
Calamites & Meganeura
Meganeura sunrise
Carboniferous riverbank
Carboniferous firestorm
Carboniferous swamp with Eryops
Eogyrinus swimming
Conifers and Cordaitales
Edaphosaurus amidst Cordaites
Dimetrodon grandis portrait
Dimetrodon lakeside
Dimetrodon fracas
Dimetrodon amidst Alethopteris
Ring arcs over the Permian Earth
Cordaites & Araucaria rainstorm
Cordaites & Araucaria sunset
Estemmenosuchus uralensis grazing
Estemmenosuchus mirabilis waterside
Estemmenosuchus mirabilis portrait
Moschops on the rocks
Kannemeyeria grazing
Prestosuchus amidst cycads
Desmatosuchus rooting
Pterosaurs amidst Bjuvia
Postosuchus on hilltop
Coelophysis amongst Araucaria
Early Jurassic Earth
Dimorphodon on the beach
Dimorphodon portrait
Early Jurassic ammonite
Dorygnathus at altitude
Dilophosaurus amidst Williamsonia No. 2
Dilophosaurus amidst Ginkgos
Middle Jurassic ammonites
Diplodocus and pterodactyls
Allosaurus amidst Sequoias
Allosaurus meets Stegosaurus
Torvosaurus and rainbow
Compsognathus portrait
Compsognathus with lizard
Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis
Archaeopteryx defending
Psittacosaurus and pond
Zhenyuanopterus portrait
Caudipteryx amidst Williamsonia
Caudipteryx & peacock compared
Microraptor and fern forest
Suchomimus on the prowl
Suchomimus tenerensis fishing
Ouranosaurus stalked by Sarcosuchus
Sarcosuchus & Ornithopoda dinosaurs
Sarcosuchus & crocodiles compared
Sauroposeidon & Sycamore
Sauroposeidon & Deinonychus
Sauroposeidon & Acrocanthosaurus
Anhanguera over peninsula
Cretaceous lunar strike
Kaprosuchus & baobab
Crichtonsaurus & frogs
Late Cretaceous Earth
Zuniceratops portrait
Zuniceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Zhejiangopterus portrait
Antarctosaurus stalked by Abelisaurus
Elasmosaurus courtship
Colorful Albertaceratops
Albertaceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Styracosaurus and flowers
Lambeosaurus riverside
Parasaurolophus and waterfall
Colorful Pentaceratops
Pentaceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Enchodus estuary
Western Interior Seaway
Cretaceous marine predators
Cretaceous marine predators II
Torosaurus riverside
Colorful Torosaurus
Torosaurus & White Rhinoceros compared
Einiosaurus grazing
Einiosaurus portrait
Einiosaurus & White Rhinoceros compared
Nedoceratops under an Oak tree
Nedoceratops portrait
Nedoceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Diabloceratops portrait
Diabloceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Isisaurus colberti
Late Cretaceous India
Tyrannosaurus roaring
Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex & polar bear compared
Colorful Triceratops
Triceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Purgatorius and Bistahieversor
Eurohippus & horse compared
Brontotherium with birds
Brontotherium & White Rhinoceros compared
Paraceratherium and child
Paraceratherium & White Rhinoceros compared
Platybelodon in stream
Platybelodon & African Elephant compared
Deinotherium on rolling plains
Deinotherium & African Elephant compared
Pleistocene Black Vultures
Elasmotherium standoff
Elasmotherium & White Rhinoceros compared
Woolly rhinoceros
Mammoths & dire wolves
Woolly Mammoth & African Elephant compared
Nancy's Canyon Sunrise
Doedicurus and Eremotherium
Doedicurus & armadillo compared
The Pharos of Alexandria at twilight
Andean Condors & Amazonian village
Western Screech Owls & electric substation
House Sparrows & electric substation
Urban ruins with Grey Owls
African Spoonbills and tower ruins
Earth's Western hemisphere with sea level +100m
Earth's Western/Eastern hemisphere with sea level +100m
Earth's Eastern hemisphere with sea level +100m
North America with sea level +100m
South America with sea level +100m
Europe with sea level +100m
South Asia with sea level +100m
Asia with sea level +100m
Australia with sea level +100m
Earth 500 million years from now
Space Ark
Earth 6 billion AD
Earth losing atmosphere to red giant Sun

Moon Gallery
The Moon
Earth and the Moon compared
Lunar wilderness
Lunar ice

Mars Gallery
Earth and Mars compared
Mars and Phobos
Mars and Deimos
Solar eclipse from Deimos
Olympus Mons
Westernmost Valles Marineris
Valles Marineris looking east
Argyre impact basin
Terra Sirenum looking north
Terra Sirenum looking south
A large impact crater in the Argyre basin
Sunrise over a martian canyon
Morning and strangers greet a martian canyon
Southern polar cap during the evening seen from ground level
Dust-covered rocks and boulders
View from the flank of Olympus Mons
A martian dune field
A martian tributary canyon panorama
A stranger in the sky
Mars' south polar "fingerprint" terrain

Ceres Gallery
Ceres crescent
Ceres, Earth, & Earth's Moon compared
The dwarf planets
Ceres' surface
Sunrise on Ceres

Jupiter Gallery
Aurora on Jupiter
Jupiter's cloud tops at night
Jupiter's hydrogen sea
Jupiter and Earth compared
Jupiter's four largest satellites and Earth and the Moon compared
Jupiter from Io
Sulfur dioxide geyser on Io
Lava lake on Io
Sunrise on Io
Aurorae on Io
Jupiter from Europa
Jupiter & Io from Europa's surface
Ridges, grooves, and craters on Ganymede
Solar eclipse from Callisto - Part 1
Solar eclipse from Callisto - Part 2
Spires on Callisto
Jupiter from Themisto

Saturn Gallery
Saturn and the Earth compared
Saturn from the surface of Enceladus
Enceladus, the Earth, and Earth's Moon compared
Water geyser on Enceladus
Geyser on Enceladus with Saturn & Titan
Enceladus geyser snow
Saturn from the vicinity of Dione
Saturn's satellite Titan
Earth, Titan, and Earth's Moon compared
Saturn from Titan Orbit
Saturn from atop Titan's hydrocarbon haze
Titan Revealed
Titan Emerges
Clouds over Titan's south pole
Titan's ethane ocean
An ethane river on Titan
Ethane swamp on Titan
Titan as an ice cream desert
Titan dunes
Saturn from Iapetus
Iapetus ice cave

Uranus Gallery
Uranus and Earth compared
Uranus and Puck
Uranus from Puck orbit

Neptune Gallery
Neptune and the Earth compared
Neptune's Great Dark Spot
Neptune from Triton orbit
Sunrise on Triton
Neptune from the surface of Triton
Ice volcano on Triton
Triton's shadow on Neptune

Pluto Gallery
Pluto and Charon
Earth, Pluto, Charon, and Earth's Moon compared
The dwarf planets
Pluto's atmosphere
Pluto & Charon gibbous
Winter on Pluto
Summer on Pluto

Extrasolar Planets Gallery
Tau Boötes b
70 Virginis b
Gliese 581 c
The Earth and Gliese 581 c compared
Red dwarf star Gliese 581 as seen from the surface of extrasolar planet Gliese 581 c
Flora at the terminator on Gliese 581 c
Flying fauna over Gliese 581 c

Brown Dwarfs Gallery
Teide 1
Gliese 229 b
Brown dwarf & debris ring from an oblique perspective
Brown dwarf with asteroid ring
Brown dwarf with a large debris ring

Beyond Gallery
Three worlds of ice and snow
Medusa planet
Crater lake with alien flora
Alien Eden
Frozen world
Morning greets a desert world
Multi-sun planet
Alien fructiferous world
An earthlike moon
Boreal Sun
Two lush worlds
Green sky #1
Green sky #2
A planet shrouded in soot
A star-forming nebula from a nearby planet
A globular cluster seen from the surface of a hypothetical planet
A dying star sheds its outer layers
The Oort Cloud
Interior of a nebula
Extrasolar intelligence revealed
Red galaxy sunrise

Space Exploration Gallery

Low Earth Orbit

The Space Shuttle enters Earth orbit
Space Shuttle reentry
CEV and upper stage--No. 1
CEV and upper stage delta-v
CEV and upper stage--No. 2
CEV sheds ESM panels--No. 1
CEV sheds ESM panels--No. 2
CEV sans ESM panels--No. 1
CEV unfolded--No. 1
CEV unfolded--No. 2
CEV staging--No. 1
CEV staging--No. 2
Crew Exploration Vehicle portrait
Crew Exploration Vehicle inverted
Crew Exploration Vehicle backlit
Crew Exploration Vehicle from above
Crew Exploration Vehicle from rear
CEV docking with the ISS No. 1
CEV docking with the ISS No. 2
CEV docked with the ISS No. 1
CEV docked with the ISS No. 2
Inflatable space habitat upper
Inflatable space habitat lower
CEV approaching inflatable space habitat
CEV & inflatable space habitat rendezvous
CEV docking with inflatable space habitat
CEV docked with inflatable space habitat
Large habitat and ISS--No. 1
Large habitat and ISS--No. 2
Large habitat and ISS--No. 3
Large habitat and ISS--No. 4
Soyuz TMA-M sunset
Soyuz TMA-M in low Earth orbit
CEV & Soyuz rendezvous in low Earth orbit
Terrene shuttle on launch pad
Terrene shuttle on launch pad from above
Cruise shuttle in low earth orbit
Cruise shuttle inverted
Cruise shuttle stern
Cruise shuttle from above
Cruise shuttle belly
Cruise shuttle rendezvous with the ISS
Cruise shuttle docked with the ISS No. 1
Cruise shuttle docking with the ISS No. 1
Cruise shuttle docking with the ISS No. 3
Cruise shuttle docking with the ISS No. 2
Cruise shuttle docking with the ISS No. 4
Space habitat in low earth orbit--No. 1
Space habitat in low earth orbit--No. 2
Cruise shuttle approaching space habitat--No. 1
Cruise shuttle approaching space habitat--No. 2
Cruise shuttle docking with space habitat
Cruise shuttle docked with space habitat
Cargo vessel approaching the ISS--No. 1
Cargo vessel approaching the ISS--No. 2
CEV approaching the Hubble Space Telescope
Orbital maintenance platform in low Earth orbit
Reusable crew capsule in low Earth orbit
Reusable crew capsule & orbital maintenance platform rendezvous
Reusable crew capsule & orbital maintenance platform docking
Orbital maintenance platform featuring cupola
Orbital maintenance platform delta-v

High Earth Orbit

Orbital maintenance platform in high Earth orbit
Orbital maintenance platform repair bay & cupola
OMP approaches Chandra X-ray Observatory
Astronaut emerges from orbital maintenance platform
Astronaut hovers over orbital maintenance platform
Astronauts emerge from orbital maintenance platform
Chandra X-ray Observatory
OMP rendezvous with Chandra X-ray Observatory
Orbital maintenance platform rendezvous with booster
Orbital maintenance platform docks with booster
Orbital maintenance platform & booster delta-v
OMP approaches the James Webb Space Telescope
James Webb Space Telescope multiple-mirror optics
OMP rendezvous with the James Webb Space Telescope
OMP rendezvous with the James Webb Space Telescope No. 2

The Moon

Lunar exploration in the 21st century
Trans-lunar space tug and the International Space Station
Space tug retrieves a lunar lander
Space tug and lunar lander in Earth orbit
Tug and lunar lander leaving Earth
Moonward bound
Lunar descent
Soyuz explorer over the Moon
A little bit of home
Lunar shuttle prepares for touchdown
LCROSS Centaur impact on the Moon
LCROSS Centaur impact on the Moon #2
Lunar liquid mirror telescope
Lunar liquid mirror telescope scale reference
Lunar elevator lunar base
Lunar elevator & locomotive compared
Lunar elevator ascending

Lunar Cycler

Lunar cycler at apogee
Lunar cycler near Earth
Lunar shuttle rendezvous with lunar cycler
Lunar cycler centrifuge
Lunar cycler centrifuge No. 2
Terrene shuttle and lunar cycler
Freighter prepares to dock with lunar cycler
Lunar freighter docks with lunar cycler


Phobos mission rendezvous in Earth orbit
Phobos mission approach in Earth orbit
Phobos mission docking in Earth orbit
Phobos mission ready for departure
Phobos mission ignition
Phobos mission rocket releases spent propellant stage
Phobos mission rocket brakes for Mars orbit
Phobos mission prepares for Phobos approach
Phobos mission approaching Phobos
Touching Phobos
Martian pioneers
Martian "Motor Home"
Exploring a sedimentary outcrop
Dressed for the weather
Cross country tour
Mars habitat near mesa
Mars rovers rendezvous
Mars rover canyon

Mars Cycler

Mars cycler
Mars cycler & manned maneuvering units
Mars lander pre-departure inspection
Mars lander departs cycler
Unmanned cargo capsule departs Mars cycler


Dawn approaches Ceres
Dawn enters Ceres orbit
Mining base on double asteroid 90 Antiope
Asteroid mining outpost #1
Asteroid mining outpost #2
Asteroid mining outpost #3
Deep space mission approaching asteroid
MMV departs for asteroid surface
MMV prepares for descent
MMV begins descent to asteroid surface
Astronaut in MMV above asteroid
MMVs explore asteroid surface
Deep Space Vehicle with Asteroid Lander port bow
Deep Space Vehicle with Asteroid Lander starboard
Asteroid Lander departs from Deep Space Vehicle
Asteroid Lander over asteroid
Asteroid Lander prepares for touchdown
Asteroid Lander touchdown
Asteroid Lander with EVA ramp deployed
Asteroid Lander EVA egress
Asteroid surface with probe

Deep Space Vehicles

Deep Space Vehicle starboard
Deep Space Vehicle bow
Deep Space Vehicle and Extended Stay Module port
Deep Space Vehicle and Extended Stay Module starboard bow
Deep Space Vehicle and Extended Stay Module starboard bow close-up
Deep Space Vehicle with ESM and Manned Maneuvering Vehicles port bow
CEV-Soyuz joint mission
CEV-Soyuz joint mission to L2
CEV-Soyuz joint mission to L2 antisunward
Soyuz deep space explorer bow
Soyuz deep space explorer profile
Soyuz deep space explorer stern


Looking for life on Titan
First steps on Titan
Releasing a weather balloon on Titan
Lightning on Titan
Titan's low gravity
Snow squall on Titan
Exploring a hydrocarbon swamp on Titan
Walking a dry gully on Titan
Titan 2121: Departing blimp
Titan 2121: Trolling for science

Kuiper Objects

New Horizons approaching Pluto & Charon
New Horizons near Pluto & Charon
New Horizons over Pluto & Charon
New Horizons closest approach to Pluto
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (single)--No. 1
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (single)--No. 2
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (single)--No. 3
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (single)--No. 4
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (binary)--No. 1
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (binary)--No. 2
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (binary)--No. 3
New Horizons and 2014 MU69 (binary)--No. 4

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